A vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) offers all the benefits of an in-house security leader with more resources at your disposal. A vCISO, is a professional who works routinely with organizations to provide all the essential cyber security support one would expect from an in-house senior executive with a more efficient and affordable service model. Gain day-to-day cyber security support and counsel from a dedicated vCISO along with long-term security strategy, vision, program and policy design, and implementation.

vCISOs conduct a comprehensive assessment of a company’s security posture to pinpoint weaknesses and optimize their security standing over the long-term. Acting either as a long-standing resource for your team or as interim CISO, a vCISO will step in to establish security standards, implement controls, and respond rapidly to incidents—continually refining your approach to address the dynamic threat landscape along with industry best practices and regulations.

As part of our vCISO service, Cyber Fusion Services can function as a senior security executive in your company.


  • Organizational Leadership
  • Defining and implementing security and compliance governance
  • Defining security strategy and goals aligned with the business
  • 3rd Party & Vendor Risk Management
  • Liaise with Law Enforcement & Government
  • Board Presentations & Leadership Committee Participation
  • Coordinating compliance activities and communicating with regulatory groups
  • Information Security (InfoSec) Team Hiring
  • Direction of InfoSec Team
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Incident Response Process Development & Management
  • Determining the level of acceptable risk
  • Employee Security Awareness Programs
  • Guide annual security planning
  • Establish & Improve Security Policy, Process, & Procedure
  • Establish & Improve Roles, Responsibilities, & Organization
  • Help define security budgets and most appropriate security solutions
  • Establish & Improve Human Resources Security Controls
  • Establish & Improve Asset & Data Management Controls
  • Establish & Improve Access & Cryptographic Controls
  • Establish & Improve Physical & Environmental Controls
  • Establish & Improve Operations, Communications, and Incident Management Controls
  • Technical Contract Review
  • Vulnerability Management Programs
  • Business Risk Management & Assessment
  • IT Configuration Assessment & Audit
  • Provide other advisory input as required

Cyber Fusion Services can support your organization to build and maintain a comprehensive program, helping you to identify, classify, assess, protect and monitor your Crown Jewels.    Contact us for a detailed description of our capabilities.  

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