System breaches great and small have more than doubled in the past five years, and the attacks have grown in sophistication and complexity.  As a priority, organizations should focus on those assets that are of the highest value and risk, commonly referred to by business leaders as the “crown jewels.”   Identifying the “crown jewels” that are of the utmost importance to protect is not an easy process. It is one that will take considerable time, energy and coordination across the business.  The crown jewels are the information, functions, and processes that would have a devastating impact if they were stolen, manipulated, delayed, or destroyed.  Cyber assets that perform mission-critical functions are not the only crown jewels in a system. Any system components that have direct access to crown jewels, or that provide protection for crown jewels, or that enable crown jewels to perform their critical functions must themselves be considered for crown jewel status.


  • Data assets – such as the information on a CRM and ERP database
  • Business-critical documents including strategic plans and agreements
  • Intellectual property (IP), such as product designs and technical specs
  • Documents or information that are subject to regulations
  • Personal information – for instance customer’s and employees’ details.

Cyber Fusion Services gathers corporate objectives and priorities from senior leader inputs.  Further interviews with organizational and technical subject matter experts map the operational processes in order to identify the dependencies to informational assets, and the underlying cyber assets.  

To request more information about assessing the risk to your Crown Jewels, please contact Cyber Fusion Services.

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